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Rustic Signs At The Harmony Spring Fling

The Event

The shop was out on the road Saturday, March 25th in  Harmony, FL at the annual Spring Fling. We brought all our rustic signs and pine clocks from overflow to display. First of all, it was a great time. We talked to lots of folk and received lots of custom orders. Secondly, We tried something new this year and fabricated impromptu display racks to keep everything organized. As a result, this kept the bulk of the signs our of everyone’s way.

Rustic Signs Photos

We displayed the large signs on the right side of the booth. Consequently, almost all the inventory fit on a single display thanks to the new rack. You can also see the rustic shutters we make as well sitting there against the tent post. We make those in both the darker stain shown and in a white distressed color like the farmhouse sign:

Large Rustic Signs Rack
Large Rustic Signs Rack

On the left side we displayed some of the new clocks we have built and kept the smaller signs in a floor rack. Most of all, it gave customers a chance to see all the different varieties in one area.

Small Rustic Signs Rack
Small Rustic Signs Rack

The welcome sign below didn’t last long. I think it was the first thing sold. Also the new aqua colored stain seemed to be popular at the event. As a result, we really need to create more items using that stain.

Rustic Welcome Signs and Pine Quilt Rack
New aqua stain welcome sign and a lone quilt rack waiting to be bought

Overall it was a great time and we have signed up for the next events at Harmony as well so be on the look out for us. If you need more information and just want to mark you calendars use their website at It always is the source for the most up to date information.

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Welcome To Wood Is Amazing

Welcome to Wood Is Amazing!

Wood Is Amazing in an online storefront and tutorial site for woodworking projects. We are located in Orlando, Florida and do all kinds of projects. Once they are completed we take them to local art fairs and craft shows, but a large portion of them are sold online.

You can find all of our store items under the shop menu. Feel free to browse around and ask questions about our products and projects.