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New Project: Large Dining Table

We recently built this rustic pine furniture dining table not only to add to the rustic pine decor we provide, but to determine the effort needed to build it since it was our first time building furniture. We deviated from the online plans because to make it to the room size we needed to use  5 planks across to make it nice and wide.  We needed the HUGE Thanksgiving dinner type appeal.

Day 1

It starts with a considerable amount of 2×4 work just to get the foundation underway. It also takes some creative miter saw cutting. This went together easy in a day and we let the glue dry overnight. The plans for the footings differ, not only to improve the ease of cutting them with the tools we have, but to give them more width for stability.

Rustic Pine Furniture - Beginning The Legs

Day 2

Day 2 is really all about the sanding and assembly of the first two pieces now that everything is dry. Once complete you end up with two pieces that look like the following:


Day 3

On Day 3 the two end sections are joined together which determines the final length of the table. The holes get plugged,  the rest gets sanded and stained. The raw pine looks like this before staining:


Day 4

The top goes together with pivot screws and 2x10s. Even though we since have done different lengths, this one used 5 2x10s to give the final width. A word of warning:  it’s extremely heavy and will take at least 2 people to move from now on.


Day 6

Tabletops take a ridiculous amount of sanding and leveling, but after 2 days this one was ready for stain. The top and bottom sections were assembled in the house and are moderately heavy. Here it is sitting in its final placement in the dining room of the home:

IMG_0652 2

We of course mounted the top indoors to make it easier to get into the home. If is wasn’t for the french front doors it could have been a significant challenge. The final touch was to buy some chairs to match. All said and done about 7 days to make.


Overall with time and materials it would cost between $800 to $1500 dollars to build this type of rustic pine furniture. Mainly due to the sanding and staining time of the top, but it is a considerable amount of effort to assemble it.